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7. Turn off the visual positioning system and obstacles check.

8. Set "C1 or C2" to Turn on/off Head LEDs.

To ensure safety, the weight of any load should not exceed 250g. The length of the lanyard should not  exceed 10cm. If the length is greater than 10cm, the drone may experience serious lack of control and  a higher risk of crashing. The use of this product involves certain risks, do not use it in case of being a  novice pilot or not having experience in flying drones.


Expand your drone’s capabilities, deliver remotely.





Air-Dropping System for Phantom 4 series 





Gross weight


Net weight




Please read the following tips carefully before using this product

Designed for Phantom 4 Series

USB charging port

Quick release design

Remote control dropping switch

Sea fishing hook

Wire leads and guides

Search & Rescue

Parties & Celebrations

The aircraft front arm lamp covers are detachable

Light sensor triggers dropping system

A photo cell controls the dropping mechanism.

By pressing the "C1" or "C2" LED light switch buttons, the AIR-DROPPING SYSTEM is activated, releasing the load.

Note: Before flying, please set the remote controller’s "C1" or “C2” key to switch the front motors LED lights indicators. This button will control the Air-Dropping System.


1.Turn on the drone and remote controller.

2.Start the DJI GO 4 APP    

3.Click the “Settings” button on the upper right corner.

4. Click “visual settings”

5. Click “advanced settings” 

6. Turn off the visual detection

Load it in seconds


Easy installation, sturdy construction,does not interfere with camera and landing gear.

Note: the airdropping system does not affect the flight performance of the PHANTOM 4.

Built-in rechargeable battery USB 5V charging.

200mA capacity battery can be full charged for one hour.

Note: recommended temperature: 0 to 40 ℃. Beyond the operating temperature range, performance may be reduced.

Made by ABS, strong, durable and lightweight. Detachable design.

High quality components.

5V USB power interface

Power switch

Refined appearance, compact and lightweight.

Included carrying case.

Protective sponge

Air-Dropping system

Aluminum alloy carabiner 

Strong and durable, easily attach any cargo.

Android Cable

High quality EVA liner fitting precisely each component


Quick installation and disassembly of the lampshade

Dropping clasp

High strength PE line Strong tension and resistance

Silicone cable tie (big) Silicone cable tie (small)





Please read the following tips carefully before using this product:

1. It is prohibited to use this product to throw toxic and hazardous materials.

2. It is prohibited to use this product to throw prohibited articles by local laws and regulations.

3. Do not mount magnet or magnetic metal (iron, cobalt, nickel) to avoid interfering with geomagnetism and disordering flight control system.

4. When using this product to mount the articles, the load of the drones will be increased, and the endurance time will be reduced. Please pay attention to flight safety.

5. If you need to land the loaded drone after taking off, please discard the load first before landing.

6. Pay attention where you drop cargo to avoid damage or injuries;

7. When using this product, remember to turn off the visual positioning system in the DJI APP (Refer to the User Manual for details)

8. After turning off the visual positioning system, landing and vertical obstacle avoidance is dramatically affected. Always land in a safe environment.

9. Do not open sports mode when using this product.

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