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The height of the top shoe can be increased with the help of the 1/4’’ thread cold shoe, so as to make sure the connection of a camera light will not influence the function of the camera. Hollow space is reserved on the side for power delivery, connections with microphones, or to replace a storage card.

Detachable cold shoe with 1/4’’ thread connects the cage with a tripod in the vertical or horizontal direction, which allows for free switching between shooting models.

Free Switch between Shooting Models    

An action camera interface at the bottom of the cage connects any shooting device with a universal interface, such as a tripod or selfie stick. There are two cold shoes on the top and side of the cage respectively that offer access to the camera, light, and microphone.

Cold Shoe

1/4’’ Thread


41.5mm X 37mm X 17.5mm

Main material

PC, Silica gel




PGYTECH OSMO Action Camera Cage


Versatile Compatibility

Free Switch between     Shooting Models     

Versatile Compatibility 

Net weight

30 g

Personalize your action camera with greater possibilities.

 OSMO ACTION Camera Cage

Product Name

PGYTECH OSMO Action Camera Cage

User Guide




Convenient Installation

Specially designed for OSMO Action

Universal Interface

Extended Space for Smooth Operation

Convenient Installation


Packing List

Packing List  

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