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Suitable for cold environments with temperatures +5℃~-10℃

Warm&Light, Flexible operation

                      PHOTOGRAPHY GLOVES


Product name

Photography Gloves

Waterproof layer

HIPORA Waterproof and breathable liner

Weight (with package)

L: 199g, XL: 209g 

Weight (net weight)

M: 118g, L: 123g, XL: 133g 


M, L, XL

Warm / Windproof / Breathable / Moisture-proof / For multiple environmental conditions

I 3M Thinsulate high-efficiency cold-proof cotton and HIPORA waterproof and breathable liner

3M THINSULATE certification label HIPORA certification label

Plush lining with rapid heat conduction Soft, warm, and skin-friendly

Cold layer

3M Thinsulate Cotton

Breathable, water-repellent layer

High-density polyester fabric to ensure

outdoor rain and snow waterproof

Windproof membrane

Block heat loss caused by rapid air flow

HIPORA liner

Waterproof and breathable, it can

discharge moisture and sweat

3M Thinsulate Cotton

Cold-proof maintains heat; its warm performance is 1.5 times better than down feather, five times better than ordinary fiber

Windproof and water repellent Water repellent surface, windproof film lining

Waterproof layer

Strength-toughness fabric

Windproof layer

HIPORA waterproof and breathable liner

3M Thinsulate Cotton

Soft lining

Selective mitten design; warm and flexible.

Specially designed for the multi-directional button of the drone remote  control, all-around control by exposing three fingers. Only expose  one joint of the finger to keep the rest of it warm in cold zones

Finger cap fixing buckle, which is convenient for adjust the finger cap when the finger is exposed

Windproof cuff adjustable with elastic hook and loop wristband. Adjust it according to any wrist; easy to adjust and to remove.

PU anti-slip comfortable

palm print

Anti-lost function hook Fast snaps for easy storage in pairs

With the conductive cap, you can touch any screen device with the same fast and light touch as your finger

Conductive finger cap, imitate the finger touch.

Switch to the fingerless state at any time according to the environment

In cold weather, photography gloves make aerial photography at will.








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