The Professional version of PGYTECH filters for Mavic 2 Zoom utilizes German SCHOTT® optical glass to meet the needs of expert photographers. 


  • Double-sided nano vacuum coating process, and double-sided anti-reflection process
  • A hard super-waterproof coating on the outer surface
  • The ND dimming mirror is coated with a light-reducing process without substantial color shift
  • The frame is equipped with  "Clous de Paris" for easy disassembly and assembly
  • Approximately the same weight as the original primary filter, with low impact on the gimbal

PGYTECH DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Professional ND4 UV CPL ND-PL Set Lens Filter

Select Filter for Mavic 2 Zoom (Professional)
  • Product Material:
    Product Weight: 3 grams (UV and ND); 6 grams (CPL and ND-PL)

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