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VLOG Phone

Extension Pole Tripod

Record your life with the mobile phone

Tailored for VLOG Making

The design is based on the actual requirement for VLOG making, effectively connecting all kinds of auxiliary equipments for VLOG making. 

Cold Shoe at the Phone Holder

There is a cold shoe at the phone holder, which can connect to microphone and camera light, offering you professional support for video recording.

Tripod + Selfie Stick

It utilizes an all-in-one compact design that easily transitions between the extension pole and tripod stand.

Horizontal and Vertical Screen Switching

Get fast horizontal and vertical screen switching with a rotatable connecting mount at the top of the pole.

Magnetic Tripod

Fast collapse with a three-magnet tripod, achieving fast and convenient transportation. 

Nonslip Grip

Textured nonslip grip handle made of soft rubber is very comfortable to touch.

Wide Compatibility

The width of the phone holder fully extended reaches 9 cm, which works with the majority of  the mobile phone sold on the market. 

fully extended reaches 9 cm

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